Friday, April 07, 2006

It's true...

... I make the best tuna salad in the world. Ask Sandy. Or Evan. Now, I know my Arizona girls (who make up roughly half my reader base) don't like fish... I KNOW! You can substitute 12 oz. chicken (cooked and diced).

This recipe is a staple in my house, plus, I really enjoy making it because I find all the chopping and dicing soothing. Weird? Quite possibly. But I turn on some tunes, sing really loudly, and choppity-chop-chop until I forget whatever's bothering me. That's right- you get recipes and pop-psychology all in one here at Dine Well!

So, my entries and pictures will never be as witty and awesome as Chanelle's... but I'll give it a whirl!

First, take 12 oz. of chunk white tuna packed in water and drain well. (Or, use chicken! Geez.) Next, chop 1/4 of a large white onion. This part is really fun for me because I get to use my Ulu knife:

After the onion, chop 1/2 a large apple:

Eat the other half of the apple while you're chopping. Decide you can't eat an apple without cheese and pause to slice a little havarti. Now, I used a Fuji apple because that's what I had, but it looks prettier if you use a Red Delicious. Next, chop 3-4 stalks of celery, to your preference. I like mine really crunchy so I use a lot! As a side note, the best way to store celery is in aluminum foil, but I have found standing it up in a mug with about an inch of water (like you do with asparagus) works just as well:

Next, fresh dill! Mmmmmm, so fresh and summery! Dill is a strong flavor so you only need about a tablespoon. The leaves off one stalk should be plenty.

Of course, since very, very few things come out of my kitchen without cheese, grate about 1/8 C parmesan or romano, or whatever hard cheese you keep on hand. Grate it finely so it doesn't soak up too much of the moisture.

Finally, add in 2 cloves minced garlic, 1 T whole-grain mustard, a generous amount of fresh cracked pepper, and just enough mayonnaise to mix everything together well. Now, this is my least favorite part because I hate mayonnaise and all it has to offer. I have to let my tuna salad (or chicken!) sit for a few hours so the flavors can settle in and I can't taste (or smell, ew) the mayonnaise. *shudder*

After a couple of hours, serve with your favorite bread or cracker. Enjoy!!


krysten said...

ok, so weird as it is...i DO like tuna. but only from a can, not like tuna steaks. dont even try to understand the seafood mystery of my tastebuds. way too complicated.

i am intrigued with the apples in it. hunh?? never ever heard of that.

and about the mayonnaise...hve you tried soy mayonnaise? you can make your own, or i've seen it sold at my farmers market too. just a thought.

hello jamie: said...

ohhh, I wouldn't even dream of making it without the apple! It's imperative! That and the whole-grain mustard I think are the most important ingredients in The Best Tuna Salad in the World.

And soy mayo... no. I pretty much only use mayo for this purpose, or a dip with similar "sitting and mingling" properties, so I can deal.

iamchanelle said...

haha! you are too funny, ms. smarty pants. that sounds so good (as CHICKEN salad! humph!) - i love fruit in chicken salad...have you ever tried halved res grapes and walnuts? or dried cranberries? sooooo good.

mmm, and i never thought of fresh dill!

iamchanelle said...

ps - wine rack=very cool! where did you find that?

hello jamie: said...

The wine rack came from World Market, I believe, or Target. Veeerry handy as I never have to open a cabinet for a wine glass - haha!

Yes, I love chicken salad with grapes and walnuts. Corner Bakery uses dried currants, also very yummy.

I also "greek" it up sometimes with dill, cucumbers, garlic, and olives... you can also use plain yogurt instead of mayo.

krysten said...

what wine rack??? all i see is some wine glasses. *looking back through all the pictures*

and its not so bad opening a cabinet for a wine glass...besides, usually there is one already out, freshly washed, heh heh heh.

hello jamie: said...

there's a wire rack under the cabinet so they hang from their bases.

Who am I kidding? Like at your house, there's always one in the dishrack. :)

iamchanelle said...


Nerissa said...

Apple in the tuna salad. Interesting. I know I'd be willing to try it but I couldn't around my French fiance who'd be making horky sounds and complaining about North Americans ruining perfectly good meat by putting fruit in it. LOL The French can be such food snobs. ;)