Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lady Mix-a-Lot

Today is the day... I cheated on Lent and bought a mixer. I wanted to make a dessert tonight and realized that when I moved into this apartment, I got rid of my old mixer (which, by the way, was a Sunbeam Mixmaster from the 50s or 60s which belonged to my grandmother). I hoped the discarding would prompt me to buy a new one more quickly... but it didn't, so I finally went today. It was very hard to not "shop" but I did a pretty good job.

I know my Arizona chefs live and die by their Kitchenaids, and I, too, was fully prepared to spend the money on the label, much like other women do with purses. However, when I got to the store, I realized that the best selling mixer in America only comes in black and white. Seriously. Now I can do red (my pots and pans) or brushed chrome (my other appliances) but I absolutely cannot do white or black.

My friend Amy told me she bought her mother a Sunbeam for Christmas (because if it's good enough for Paula, it's good enough for Anne) and it was a better deal. Begrudgingly, I looked. True story. It doesn't have the fancy attachments, but I don't need those anyway because I have my fancy food processor, but the motor is better than the Kitchenaid, it has the same whisk/paddle/hook, and does it? Yes, it comes in red and brushed chrome. To put icing on the cake (pun intended) - not only is it a full $100 cheaper than the comparable Kitchenaid model at regular price, but it was on sale. So even though I argued with Amy about wanting the Kitchenaid more than both my kidneys... I got this:

I used it tonight to make custard and I adore it. Step back, Kitchenaid! There's a new sheriff in town! (Custard to be posted in separate entry.)


iamchanelle said...

*Gasp*!!! you did not just go there!


*runs and hugs KitchenAid* *it's ok...she didn't really mean it...*

kitchen aid DOES make many many colors...see for his trip to their factory. i am happy for your new purchase, though. your life will nevah be the same, dahling!

hello jamie: said...

I know they do... the $400 ones. The "best selling mixer in America" - the $199 one? Only white and black.

krysten said...

i loooooooooove paula deen!!!! love her love her love her!

is that one of those mixers that you spin the bowl too? because i love that...i've seen paula use one like that.

yep, i have an old old handheld sunbeam mixmaster too. it weighs like 20 pounds, haha!

hello jamie: said...

no, you lock the bowl in place and it spins on its own. my old one you had to spin it manually.