Thursday, April 20, 2006

They're here!!!

A word about 1015s... GO GET THEM NOW! They're only available from mid-April until about mid-June. 1015 onions were developed by an A&M horticulture professor in the early 1980s and are by far Texas' leading vegetable crop, upwards of $100 million a year. These onions are known by chefs the world over for their crisp texture and mild, sweet flavor, and of course, since they're from Texas, they grow up to the size of a grapefruit and can weigh as much as a pound!! In 1983, Texas held a "name the onion" contest for their new million-dollar baby and the winner was something like "The Texas Supersweet"-- but no one has ever called them anything but the "1015"- so named because the crop is planted on October 15th.

Seriously y'all. You can eat it like an apple. Also, they are huge and predominately single-centered, so they make fantastic onion rings.

Texas Sweet Onion Salsa:
2 C chopped 1015 SuperSweet Onion
2 C diced fresh peaches
1 to 2 T finely minced, seeded serrano or jalapeno (I don't like the taste of peppers but I like the kick, so I just use the seeds out of a jalapeno... I know, weird)
5 T chopped fresh cilantro
3 T tequila
2 t grated lime peel
2 T fresh lime juice
1/4 t ground cumin (optional)

I've also made this salsa with halved green grapes instead of peaches, and mint instead of cumin. Be creative! Serve with tortilla chips and chicken and beef skewers (marinate in lime juice, olive oil, & chili powder and grill). YUM!


krysten said...

thanks for the plug, i was waffling back and forth about whether i should get some or not. i love salsa with fruit in it, thanks for the recipe!

can i leave out or sub the tequila with something else?

hello jamie: said...

now why would you want to do that??

You can just leave it out... maybe add a bit of salt to taste.

krysten said...

i dont have tequila...and it doesnt make my "stock" list...

iamchanelle said...

oh MAN!!! that sounds so refreshing... and i have enchiladas on the menu for tonight...a perfect accompaniment!!!

*runs to store*

krysten said...

oh. haha, i just had salsa on the menu for tonight...

this is why i dont have a food blog.

Nerissa said...

Mmmmm.. I love onions. I'm sure this would be perfect with a nice halibut. I've never heard of 1015 onions nor Texas Supersweet. I wonder if you can only get them in the American markets.

krysten said...

made the salsa AND the matching chicken tonight. so good! i had peaches and grapes and cherries in the salsa, and just added additional lime juice in lieu of the tequila. brad and i both thought it was good but brad says he thinks maybe half the cumin would be better to him. i loved the cumin, myself. but, as we know....i will eat just about anything happily. ;-) no cumin, half cumin, full's all good.

sooooo, thumbs up from our household!

also, brad says you should post your guacamole recipe here as well. one - because i want to make it and need to know how, and two - because he says thats the best guac he's had.

can you come back and cook for us please?

hello jamie: said...

awwww, that is SO SWEET!

I love to cook for people, especially people that love to eat. :)

Guacamole: avocados, yellow or white onion (1015!!), lime juice, garlic powder, fresh cilantro, black pepper. gently mash with a wooden spoon. Easiest thing in the world, as long as the avocados are good. :)

I miss you guys already. How much is the rent for the place above the garage? *weg*

krysten said...

free, for the live-in cook. haha!

ok, well maybe you'd have to chip in for utilities and food. ;-)

and alcohol.