Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

Ripped from the headlines... from Chanelle, from SweetNicks- I proudly (er, not-so-proudly) present... the fridge at Chalet J:

First... the door, ie: the staples. As you can see, I always have onhand:

minced garlic
whole-grain mustard
yellow mustard
sun-dried tomatoes
homemade marinara
salsa verde
mayo (ick, only for tuna salad/chicken salad)
some foreign sauce
Soy Vey!
chicken stock
soy milk
glass jar where I pour my leftover coffee every morning so I always have iced coffee on hand
and of COURSE, an open bottle of wine

Next... pretty much any time you look in the refrigerator here, you'll find cheese and olives. Lots and lots of cheese and olives. At first glance one can see feta, mozzarella, smoked cheddar with carmelised onions, gouda, some weird foreign assortment of wedges, kalamatas, green Queens, and a container of olive tapenade. There's probably a wedge of romano back there, and maybe an old hunk of stilton. Oh look! Hummus!!

Aaand, the produce, of course. Even when I'm only home for 4 days, I buy produce. Always in excess. In the drawer, I have mixed greens, celery, green beans, a lemon (the one I use for my evening twist), mushrooms, and an onion:

And on the counter- tomatoes, zucchini, lemons, pears, apples, and a lone yam:

And of course... for a single gal who travels for a living... the freezer. The place she throws things she knows she won't get to for a few weeks:

soy beans (in and out of the shell)
Italian sausage
steaks (cut in half and frozen as to cook for one)
an ice gel mask (for the morning after the rum, ha!)
and during the summer, always a bowl of frozen grapes

Chanelle, don't make me go into the pantry!!!


krysten said...

oh my gosh y'all. i really need to clean my refrigerator out! haha!

maybe i'll post mine after i go shopping...otherwise it wont be very impressive, haha!

iamchanelle said...

man, you KNOW the pantry peek is up next!

and how much do i love the idea of saving extra coffee to ice later! i usually have some in my cup that gets so cold i just add a few ice cubes and voila! same thing, i guess...

krysten said...

i just go ahead and put the leftover coffee into ice cube trays...cause then you can make granitas!

Cate said...

Thanks for playing along! The roundup will be posted tomorrow night. :)

Sylvie said...

You're ready for all impromtu guest with all that cheese and olives.