Thursday, May 04, 2006

Everybody's doing it... why can't I??

Modified from Krysten, modified from Matt, according to the ingredients I had to work with at the time, in the very few moments I had to spare:

Summer Jimica Salad:
1 C of jimaca, sliced
coupla handfuls of grape tomatoes, halved
handful of cilantro, loosely chopped
'bout 1/2C coarsely chopped onions, 1015s, natch

2 T white vinegar
1 T olive oil
1 T lime juice

I just tossed everything together and put a dollop of prepared salsa verde on top. If I wasn't so lazy I would have thrown in some rinsed black beans and corn for color, but as is, it turned out tart and summery and crispy and perfect!

On a side note: before I left last week, I threw a ziploc bag containing a damp paper towel and freshly washed cilantro into the freezer, because I was going to be gone. I got it out today not knowing what to expect, but lo and behold, it retained its color and taste! I hate wasting food, so I'm glad to know that it'll keep if need be. Bonus: it was SO EASY to chop!


iamchanelle said...

YUM!!!! love salsa verde.

and cilantro in the FREEZER???

you are too smart, girl.

Nerissa said...

Mmmm... I miss jicama. Sounds like a great summer salad.

I froze cilantro before but the method I tried following was to snip off all the leaves, put them in ice cube trays and fill a bit with water to cover...........

I don't recommend it except for directly-in-the-thick-of-things performances. The cilantro thaws to a squidgy dark brown-green. Taste was still good but lookswise it wasn't too appealing.

I'd like to try your method. Tell me exactly how that works. Why damp paper towels?

hello jamie: said...

Well, when I get home from the market, I usually wash all my spices and put them in ziplocks with paper towels (keeps them from drying out and also absorbs the additional moisture from washing them). I didn't really have a plan - I was just leaving town for 8 days and throwing stuff from the fridge to the freezer. I wonder how my brussells sprouts fared?

I wouldn't do it of longer than a week - the texture WAS getting a little wilted, but the taste and color were good, so I'm glad to know in a pinch.

I have GOT to get my window box!! I'm got tons of herb seeds to plant.

krysten said...

my herbs are going CRAZY right now! i'm gonna post some updated pics soon. my parsley is literally half the size of my air conditioning unit!! i gotta make some tabouli or something!

hello jamie: said...

i. love. tabouli.