Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vagabond Thanksgiving Menu, 2008 Edition

brie with fig preserves and honey

main meal (served cafeteria-style):
roasted turkey with maple-sage sausage stuffing
vegetarian apple-onion stuffin' muffins
green bean casserole
mashed potatoes
fresh corn and wild rice casserole
hasselback sweet potatoes
creamy spinach, leek, and blue cheese gratin
cranberry relish with orange zest and honey

pecan pie with vanilla-laced whipped cream
buttermilk chess pie
pumpkin ice cream
hot spiced cider with amaretto


Sandy said...

Sounds delicious!!

Also, I laughed my ass off when you corrected someone on your facebook page with, 'um, we're vagabonds not vagrants.' HAHAHAHA!!!

I could see your face. :)

RedCircleLine said...

i stick with "hobos".
what is chess pie, pumpkin? and, i heart amaretto. that goes with EVERYTHING.