Sunday, April 15, 2007

a blog of trials, tribulations, and what I ate to get me through the day.

Today has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Honestly. I'm starting to think, at 30, that I don't handle stress very well. I used to be able to compartmentalize better, but now? One part of life stresses me out, and it bleeds into every little detail, which culminated in my bursting into tears at work today, good grief!

I may have told you guys this before, but I have an UNCANNY talent, a true knack, for wandering into a city I have never been in before, and finding a fantastic restaurant. Seriously, it's a gift. I've never steered myself wrong. So, I've decided to start posting about my eating-out as well as my eating-in... if for no other reason than this: last time I was in Denver I forgot to write anything down, and now I can't find those restaurants again.

So, I ate dinner and brunch at the same two restaurants the last two days. Odd... but when you work the hours I work, finding yourself off at brunchtime on a weekend is crazy and might never happen again, so you have to seize the day. Kinda like finding a really good local restaurant that has a no tourists, a great menu, decent prices, and is within walking distance of your hotel.

First, my dinners. The Dish. It's a scant 3 blocks from my hotel and I ate there both Friday and Saturday nights. Friday: carrot-ginger soup (to die for), edamame, mushroom-gruyere gratin on toast, and asparagus/carrot/green bean/and broccoli tempura with dipping sauces of ginger-soy, garlic aioli, and thai chili. Mmmm. Saturday: carrot-ginger soup again, because it was just that good, mussels steamed with onions and white wine and served with GARLIC BREAD PUDDING, that had whole cloves of garlic in it, *thud* and capers, and frites with truffle oil and parmagiano reggiano. (sigh)

We stumbled upon a local French bistro for brunch yesterday, and it was so good we went back today. Yesterday I had the dungeness crab benedict, which was brioche with tomatoes, avocado, fresh lump crab meat, poached eggs, and hollandaise, served with frites that had fresh herbs, champagne vinegar, and salt, pepper, and sugar sprinkled on top. SOOOOO good. With fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. Today I had a mushroom and gruyere omelet and french press coffee.

Tonight I ate at the hotel... the cocktail: a "Ruby Red"- which is ruby red absolut, campari, and fresh ruby red juice, garnished with a lemon, and the meal: just a roasted-garlic/potato soup that was simply scrumptious. I think it had carrots, cheddar, and I know it had lots of black pepper in it. It was insanely good.

So maybe I have an unhealthy relationship with food... but I am happiest when eating, or cooking, or talking about eating or cooking. I am working with a co-worker this week who grew up in Bermuda, her husband is Japanese but went to culinary school in France, and they used to own an Italian restaurant in Atlanta... where I am going next month and was promised a true fusion meal that would knock my socks off. I can't wait. As George Bernard Shaw said, "there is no love sincerer than the love of food."

Here's to tomorrow being better than today. And that it includes a lovely meal.



krysten said...

dude. come back here and find me some restaurants!!

iamchanelle said...

awww, jamie, jamie!

"the sun will come out...

and your upcoming bermuda/japanese/french/italian/georgian meal is BOUND to be just awesome. i can't WAIT to hear all about that one!