Thursday, March 22, 2007

asian slaw

So, you know how Orangette makes those really wonderful salads from like, 3 ingredients? Like that lemony carrot slaw, yum, and that garbanzo bean heaven (which I've also made with cannellini beans and find it simply scrumptious)?

Well, a couple of nights ago, I ordered Thai take-out, and because I am a pig, ordered like, 5 things and have been eating on them all week. Tonight I was cleaning out all the take-out containers in my fridge, and decided to consolidate all the garnishes, because I'm single, and honestly, who wants to mandoline vegetables for one?

I ended up with a 2-C tupperware about 3/4 full of thin carrot ribbons, cucumber matchsticks, purple onion crescents, razor thin cabbage strips, bean sprouts, green onions, and cellophane noodles~ all chopped up in tiny little perfect pieces (by someone other than myself, so... brilliant).

I searched through my condiments and added a dash of fish sauce, a drizzle of dark roasted sesame oil, a splash of bright rice vinegar, a swirl of soy sauce, and a healthy shake of toasted sesame seeds, and shook it up. Voila! A vibrant, tasty, and decidedly asian SLAW that took me about 30 seconds to make (and to be fair, barely that long to devour).

In fact, I ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture. :(

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krysten said...

i'm going to ignore the fact that you used fish sauce...i'm perfectly fine with restaurants using it in things that i eat, but i'll never put it on myself. *shudder* it's that "my meat comes from the store" mentality that i allow myself to have about things like that. also included is "how cheese and yogurt are made".

otherwise, good job!! i would have eaten everything though, so there wouldn't have been anything to consolidate. five things or not.