Friday, August 18, 2006

The Authentic Wisconsin Fish Boil

Greetings from Appleton, Wisconsin. (If you've never heard of it, it's about 30 miles southwest of Green Bay.) Now, I love fish. But boiled fish? That just sounds heinous. But when in Rome, you know? So T. and I headed north up the peninsula and after visiting some antique shops, a winery, and a dairy, hit the Old Mill Supper Club for an authentic Door County Fish Boil. Basically, it's a huge pot of salt water heated over a kerosene burner. They lower a big basket of red potatoes, white onions, and carrots into the water for about a half an hour, then put another basket of white fish down on top of that one for 7-8 minutes. The fish was caught just a few hours previously in the Sturgeon Bay. They add a bottle of lemon juice toward the end and then carry the baskets full of steaming fish and veggies inside, where they serve you right out of the basket with sourdough bread and a vat of melted butter. Add some cold beer and homemade cherry pie and voila! dinner. And quite a tasty one at that.

The fish was light, flaky, buttery, and the freshest I think I've ever had. By the time we got done....

My only regret was that we were too full to try the "original hashbrown sandwich" when we passed the Countryside Restaurant on the way home.


krysten said...

i think i'm going to cry.

and not in a good way.

chanelle, won't you join me?


iamchanelle said...

uuuum, the carrots looked good.


Nerissa said...

Yes... the words "boiled fish" do not exactly conjure of the image of yummy food. I'm sure it was good, though. You made me think that I have had boiled onion in ages. That really has a unique flavour of its own. What kind of fish is it????